Sommelier Milou Alberts

How did you get started as a sommelier?
"I started my hospitality education in Eindhoven and then I continued my studies in Apeldoorn at the academy for gastronomy. After my training I started working in Steijl, Roermond and now for 2 years in Venlo at Cabillaud."

Why did you choose this subject?
"Actually, the reason is quite simple. I was always impressed and interested in food and drink. When I discovered that I could make this my profession I started to do so."

How do you select new wines?
"I sometimes select new wines based on a dish but sometimes we also make a dish based on a wine. That way we look at the main ingredients, things that really stand out and where a wine fits perfectly. Because we go for the 9+ experience, we always organize a test cooking day with our team before we serve a new menu. Then chef Wouter cooks the dish and we taste this dish together with the selected wines. Often the wine matches perfectly but sometimes I find out that it's not a good match and I choose another wine. This way we ensure that our guests have the ultimate taste experience."

What ultimate wine tip would you like to give?

"Always serve red wine slightly colder (best temperature is between 16 and 18 degrees). Often red wine is served at room temperature but if it's warm outside, or the environment you're in, the wine will quickly become heavy and alcoholic. It just so happens that the wine in the glass always gets a little warmer. My tip would therefore be to put the red wine in the fridge half an hour before you are going to serve it. This way it will get colder. If you then waltz your glass it warms up again a bit and so you have the wine at the perfect temperature."

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Nice and calm place with outdoor
Bary B.
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patrick van den B.
Delicious dishes with surprising ingredients and carefully chosen wines that go nicely with the dishes. Beautiful... location on the edge of the Meuse more
René G.
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Arjan L.
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Jeroen P.
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Michel Ten C.
Delicious food. Delicious amuses and dishes with lots of different flavor combinations. Also for my lactose... intolerance were offered excellent alternatives. Service was more
Dionne V.
Incredibly delicious food, a beautiful place and very friendly and professional service!
Lindsay P.
Great dinner before the Titanic performance yesterday. Delicious flavors, beautiful presentation and very relaxed atmosphere.... Compliments!read more
Lin K.
What a treat, excellent food, delicious matching drinks and a very nice atmosphere! Oh yes,... And the service is very knowledgeable and genuinely friendly. Very much worth a visit!read more
Ilka K.
Few words to waste, just the best restaurant of the city of Venlo
Marcel L.
Fine, friendly, people with expertise. Delicious food. Definitely going back there.
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Hilde C.