Overture in a new look!

After several years of absence, Venlo's cultural institutions are jointly organizing an overture to the new cultural season on Sunday, September 15. However, in a slightly different form than what people are used to, because instead of performances in the city center, all cultural institutions will open their own doors* to the public during the Overture. Between 12:00 and 17:00, everyone gets the chance to get acquainted with the diverse cultural offerings Venlo has to offer, free of charge.

During this day, visitors can walk freely into all participating cultural institutions to enjoy a wide range of activities. Different routes will be developed to offer a suitable program for everyone, regardless of age or interest. Visitors can be guided by their curiosity and enjoy the cultural richness of Venlo.

Stop by on Sunday, September 15 and experience what Venlo has to offer! The Overture is an invitation to everyone to immerse themselves in the city's art and culture. More information and the program will be available soon at www.venloverwelkomt.nl/ouverture

* with the exception of museum van Bommel van Dam. They have a cultural program on the square at the Keulsepoort this day because of the Thielen exhibition in the museum.