Cabillaud in Gault & Millau

We are super proud of our team! Because again this year we are in Gault&Millau with again a nice score of 13|20 points.
The major competitor of the Michelin guide is the Gault&Millau guide, founded by Henry Gault and Christian Millau and started in 1969 as a magazine for Parisians with recommendations for the best restaurants, since 2005 the guide is also published on the Dutch restaurant sector.
Point system
While Michelin can only hand out three stars, Gault&Millau uses a point system (depicted in chef's hats) of 20 points divided into five scales (from 10 points a restaurant is in the guide)

Michelin vs Gault&Millau
The biggest difference between Michelin and Gault&Millau is in the details. The Gault&Millau inspectors also take into account the cuissons (the cooking of meat or fish), the taste and presentation, ingredients, the reception, recommendations for wine, the opening days and whether or not the chef is present. They also weigh attention, timing, atmosphere and even the chairs. At Michelin, they look more at the bigger picture.

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