A new menu!

The summer season has reached its end, and we are excited to welcome you with an all-new menu. During a well-deserved vacation, our chef and his team gathered plenty of inspiration for new creations. Don't hesitate any longer and make a reservation right away for a wonderful night out. We look forward to welcoming you!

Watermelon - Tomato - Buratta - Anchovies

Tuna - Sushi Rice - Rettich - Red Pepper

Steak tartare - Parmesan - Brioche - Truffle

Cod - Leek - Lemon - Crispy Chili Sauce

Guinea fowl - Chicory - Chanterelle - Celery

Cheese selection

Blackberry - Limoncello - Mascarpone - Basil

View Here the wine list. Sommelier Stan Welles is happy to advise you on the best wine & food combinations. Our wine list is carefully composed and offers an extensive selection of wines from different regions and of different grape varieties.

Booking is very easy via the booking function on the website or call at +31 (0)77 320 72 22.