Golden Green Key for De Maaspoort

Green Key is the global quality mark for sustainable accommodations in the tourism-recreation sector and conference market. Worldwide there are 3,200 Green Keys in 65 countries. In the Netherlands almost 700 accommodations will be allowed to carry the label in 2022. The criteria of Green Key are measurable and concrete. The certified companies are periodically inspected by independent inspectors. Green Key certified accommodations demonstrably reduce CO2 and therefore contribute to climate objectives.

Green Key contributes to climate goals

The Maaspoort believes that 'doing good' for the environment and world is important. "With the Green Key certificate we check if we are doing the right things. We don't only find it important to reduce our footprint. Social involvement also plays an important role in obtaining the Gold certificate." says Leon Thommassen, managing director of De Maaspoort.

The Maaspoort received the Golden Green Key certificate for the first time. "In recent years we were one of the forerunners in the Green Stages project. In this project we have worked together with other venues to make our sector more sustainable. A nice reward for this effort is this Golden Green Key certificate. Every two years, inspectors will continue to assess whether we are on the right sustainable path. Green Key is for us a nice benchmark for where we stand in making our organization more sustainable", says Manager Buildings & Technology Ton Lamberts.